A Skeptic began on February 24th, 2022.

As the war began, we noted a huge amount of one sided coverage that entirely resembled the lead up coverage to the Iraq war. The coverage again had all of the qualities of propaganda and was faithfully regurgitated by the western media. We spent a great deal of time looking for the other side of the story. As we found it, we felt compelled to share it.

We’ve created over 950 reports from the war so far! That represents thousands of hours of work locating and reading articles. A typical day for us is now five hours of poring through just over a hundred sources from the web, YouTube, Telegram and Twitter. We share what is informative here. We report what the MSM will not. We report without censoring or hesitation, regardless of the popular mood.

We are not pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian. We are pro-reality. Our selection of what to share here is based on how difficult it is to find in western sources. Our only hope is that people are exposed to all information. We encourage you to hear both sides. If you prefer comfy feel good news, check out cable news instead.

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There was time when journalists wrote truths. We now live in the age of manufactured consent.